Here's a brief tutorial on something which I think is a very useful feature in the tileview/start menu area of Windows 8. And unfortunately, most people do not know about it!

By the end of this tutorial, hopefully you will be able to achieve what is seen in this result image:

See the names above each collection of tiles in the tileview? You can customize these to your own liking!

This was an example for what my tiles look like on my own machine.

When scrolling side to side through the tileview, you'll notice horizontal scrollbar appears, and if you look to the very right side of the scrollbar at the bottom, a little tiny button with a "-" symbol in the middle.

Click that, and you'll get this:

Although yours probably will not have names like in this example, as i've already named mine.

Next thing to do would be to RIGHT CLICK on a specific group of tiles that you want to name.

You should see a small input box pop up in the bottom left, to which you will type in the name you want to name that group and click the "Name" button to apply the changes.

You've just named a tilegroup! :)

You'll be able to see the tilegroup names whenever you open the tileview interface so you have an idea of the kinds of applications or shortcuts you're looking at.