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  • To make a long story short...I answered a post about using adblock. I was kindly PM'd by Brink that it was a no no to do so on that forum. So I edited my post and openly apologized for it. Then PM'd a member of the same thread about what he posted about adblocking tips. In the PM I mentioned that there were some Nazi dickheads that have a hair trigger on banning people. No sooner than I sent the PM, I went to anther forum real quick, less than 5 minutes, came back to find a message saying that my password was out of date by 707 days and to click the "here" link. So I did and was smacked in the face with the message "you've been banned". So I'm positive that those so called private PM's are not so private....at least on that site.
    Just read Watchdog 133 Report - most impressive!! I wasn't aware how sophisticated things had become re: Driver analysis (or maybe just how well YOU could do it) and didn't know any driver database (outside of the online crap sites) existed - and have no idea how you can keep it so updated. I can cause Vista BSOD with "excessive" Hibernate/Sleep - but avoid it with shutdown/restart every 2 days. Consequence is to wipe system awareness of prior visits (forums, internet searches/sites,...) which is PITA. Don't even know where that's stored to backup. Past time to submit my own case - but afraid of what I'll find out: "<insert whatever> is hosed & needs replacement" or something like that (or lots of them). Probably multiple problems. May see me soon.

    Anyway, really wanted to say I thought it was awesome and expect others are as well - just never looked that closely before. Well done!!
    I imagine martial arts in USMC is focused on generalized hand-to-hand combat (no particular discipline) whereas the EOD training (esp. for an instructor) was probably far more intense and comprehensive. Is it equivalent to SEAL EOD training? Would USMC Special Forces be Force Recon - otherwise I wasn't aware USMC had a dedicated Spec Forces unit?

    I asked because a small part of my martial arts training was using explosives (not to the extent of bringing down a building, but more for distractions - and none included how to disarm anything except what we set ourselves which were meant to work but not meant to be sophisticated by any means). Actually, most involved the use of smoke but there was a little with other types. I actually know very little, but can do a lot with what little I do know.
    I submitted 5 drivers to your DRT on Carrona but have since found out that they are randomly generated names for Daemon Tools drivers so if you can, please ignore them.
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