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Welcome to Sysnative!

Finding your way around a new forum for the right place to get help is sometimes a bit overwhelming. Let's see if we can make it a bit easier.

BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) Help -- Ah, yes, the infamous BSOD. Indeed, we have some of the very best BSOD Analysts here at Sysnative. If that is what brought you here, rest assured, quality help is on the way!

Instructions are available here. Should you have problems or questions about the instructions, do not worry. Someone will guide you through the steps if additional help is needed.

Oh, you are not here because of BSOD problems? Not to worry. We have expert help in many other areas.

Let us take a look at other help that is available . . .

"Help, my computer is infected!" -- Is your computer infected with malware? Perhaps your antivirus software quarantined something and you are not certain if everything has been removed. We are here to help with viruses, worms, trojans, rootkits, dialers and spyware. (Oh, my!) We will guide you through the cleanup process and provide tips on how to prevent future infections. Just head over to the Security Arena and follow the Posting Instructions.

Windows Update -- Are you having problems installing updates? Are you getting Windows Installer errors or Side-by-Side Configuration errors? Perhaps you are getting a service error, or a missing service message. We are here to help you troubleshoot the problem. See Windows Update Forum Posting Instructions.

Microsoft Operating Systems -- Some people can sit down at a computer and figure out how to do most anything with little or no guidance. That must be nice but is not the case for everyone. For those of us who weren't born with a mouse in our hands, sometimes the simplest of tasks are beyond us without guidance.

Whether you need help understanding System Restore, Safe Mode, File Permissions or any other task, we'll do our best to guide you in the Windows XP, Windows 7 | Vista, Windows 8 | Windows RT or Windows 10 forums.

Windows Tips & Tricks -- This is the place to share your favorite Windows Tips and Tricks.

General Windows Help & Information -- If you have a software or help topic that does not fit other categories, then this is the right place.

Hardware -- Do you have a piece of hardware that is giving you problems? Perhaps you are considering a new hard drive or monitor. Have questions or problems with your SSD, power supply, motherboard, video card, or peripherals? Tell us about your problem or what new hardware you are considering. Sound advice is on the way!

Networking Problems & Secure Solutions -- Households have moved past the age of one shared family computer. It is more likely now that each member of the family has their own computer, making it all the more critical to ensure each connection is secure. Whether you need help securing your home network, have problems with the setup, Wi-Fi, securing your router, remote access, or other networking questions, expert help and advice are available.

Programming -- It is the programmers who create the code that makes our favorite applications work. Do you have code you created that you are particularly proud of and wish to share? This is the place! Or, perhaps you hit a snag or two in your code. It doesn't matter whether you are a budding or experienced programmer, help is here to assist in debugging those snags or answer programming-related questions.

Be sure to visit our Tutorial forums:

BSOD Kernel Dump Analysis Debugging Information

Windows 10 Tutorials

Windows 8 | Windows RT Tutorials

Windows 7 | Windows Vista Tutorials

Windows XP Tutorials

Hardware Tutorials

Networking Tutorials

Windows Server Tutorials

The Lounge -- No, The Lounge isn't for help, just a spot to relax, play a word game and spend time while you are waiting for a response to your topic.

Gamers' Retreat -- Visit the Gamers' Retreat to talk about your favorite game or get tips from others.

What's Happening -- The news forums are a great source for links to articles published on the Internet. Your comments about the articles or the content are welcome.
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Updated to add Windows 10 Support and Tutorial forums.
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