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  • Hi Corrine, Thanks for your "Garden", an excellent resource! I did go to Alexa to add a review however I was unable to find a place for one. I'll return to do so if you could give me a clue as to where I would find the review repository?
    Hope it jumped out in a good way :)
    Saw you on (I think) and you offered someone really good advise to get him up and running. I believe I had a similar issue. Not sure this is going to be an easy fix for Aura, who is my Jr. Analyst. I keep crashing. Have you guys ever had problems like what I'm having (windows update related) and never been able to fix them?
    Glad to hear it. I knew you were a bit out of the way but wasn't sure how far the storm travelled. By the looks of the photo, time to dig out the cross-country skis!
    Just seen about the horrendous weather in the North East at the moment - hope you're safe and well!

    BBC News - Deadly snowstorm hits northern US
    Hi Corrine ^_^,

    I was just checking the sub forum where you post regularly. Are you a graduate from a Malware Training Program or you learned all of this yourself or you are a Malware Instructor somewhere?

    I am myself a Junior at the BC Training Program ^_^
    Yep! Greenlight Networks is slowly building fiber optic around here, but they're focusing on large apartment complexes for now. They have a "if we get enough interest in your area, we'll build it!" type deal. Their prices are solid too! I'd join instantly if it were available to me. I live in Gates.

    I extremely dislike TWC, and have never dealt with Frontier, but I'll stay away from them too if I can lol.
    You're welcome.I check in every week & have done for some time.First heard about it when I was reading Avant Browser forum(& that's going back!) I think but not absolutely sure.Cheers.
    Hi Corrine glad you found the instructions easy to follow and yes the repeater is cheap £23.00 in uk about $34.00 in US i use it for testing friends and relatives wireless connections if suffering from wireless signal issues. TP-Link are ok and work well.

    If the OP has a different brand repeater they should be able to follow a similar setup or exact depends on brand and setup instrcutions.

    That setup also works with DD-WRT using a client bridge but have only tested with Professional DD-WRT firmware from Buffalo but should work with the consumer as well just not had chance to test.
    Thanks Corrine missed 2nd page apologies.

    Hopefully it will be of use and is the solution that should work.
    Nice Avatar for not having any graphics behind you.
    I would have removed the sheet and then you can trick or treat naked. hehehehe
    Thanks for the BD wishes.
    Wish you were closer so I could enjoy the hugs. But then what would I do? Forgot already!
    If time permitted I will post a Halloween avitar for you.
    No tricks no treats.
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