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    Dinner in the Sky

    If someone drops a fork at Dinner in the Sky, a seven-ton platform may have to be lowered 50 meters (yards) to pick up a new one, so diners tend to keep a good grip on the cutlery.

    Joining a growing trend for extreme dining - from supper in the dark to eating in the jungle - Dinner in the Sky takes the concept to, well, new heights, with a select group of guests sitting around a table suspended 160 feet in the air.

    You could be eating above a forest, hovering above a beach or dangling in the midst of a European capital, floating above landmarks usually only seen from the ground. Whatever the location, the aim is to elevate dining out of the ordinary.

    That's the case with the Brussels edition of Dinner in the Sky, which during June gives 22 diners at a time the chance to enjoy gourmet food and champagne while suspended near sites such as the Royal Palace, the famed Atomium or the Cambre forest.
    More at Flying table lifts gourmet dining to new heights | Reuters

    I think I'll stick to dinner at my dining room table.

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    Re: Dinner in the Sky

    Might kill my appetite. Wondered how the waiters got more bread-sticks, or wine. Maybe they bungee jump

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    Re: Dinner in the Sky

    Must be a high level Dinner meeting.
    Or getting high with a little help of your friends.
    zigzag3143 says thanks for this.

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