The Howling Wolves

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  • LOL -- sorry, its always way too cold around here to go Trick or Treating without the sheet.
    You're welcome. As to hugs, that is something I'm sure you haven't forgotten how to do.

    I haven't used a Halloween avatar in a long time. This is what I used when I took the time to switch it:
    Happy Birthday!!

    Buy yourself something you want (not that you'd have gotten anyway) but haven't because <fill in the blank> - and have fun (whatever that means for you) even if it means splurging!

    Thanks for keeping in touch.
    Hope you both have a peaceful weekend.
    You know as much as we do.
    No correspondence was entered into.
    But I do see how power {can} corrupt.....
    Hello dear souls Dx2,
    The elimination now complete at SF etc.
    Glad you are here.
    Good news there.
    The PE must be helping you both.

    Re Sysnative Forum... Why would someone not join?
    The talent here is amazing.
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