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  • You're welcome. Of course I visit. It is very interesting to me. I figured you were probably already aware of the links I posted but thought they might be of interest to Tom.
    There is a wise message available to those who have insight.
    Glad you noticed / found it.
    Please keep participating.
    Merci beaucoup too.
    A friendly reply to a friendly message.
    Thank you Richard!
    Please feel free to edit if /when necessary.
    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for explaining that for me; I assumed that the OP hadn't fixed those manually though.

    If that's the case, would it be a good idea to have the OP run SURT twice, and see if the issues remain throughout the logs. Is there any way to tell whether it has reported that the errors have been fixed correctly or not? Short of manually checking the registry keys. Does this occur enough to be worried about it? If you don't know it, no one will :p I think I'm taking this too far if it's above you!


    Edit: Is there any information in the Windows Update group at SF that I would find useful? If so, would you mind adding me to the group please? :)
    Hi Richard.

    If you have a few spare minutes, would you be up for doing another joint CheckSUR fix? :) I think I've found another nice thread:

    Those CSI Missing Deployment Key 0x00000000 errors have disappeared since the last log was generated, yet there were no (fix) lines. Any ideas why that would happen?

    Then we're just left with the one problematic update: KB905866. I've never dealt with a 0x00000005 CBS Registry Error before :(

    Hi niemiro or may i call you Richard no problem at all that is fine. It is a great post by the way j haven't seen a fix like that for sfc so was very informative thanks for posting it.

    You can have all of the time in the world. A reply is great, regardless of when I get it :)
    No problem - we all have 'real' lives to lead :) (and I've done it too many times to ba able to take anyone to task over it.
    Whenever you can - Win7/8 aren't going anywhere for a while :D
    It is a great idea. First you need the access, second you have the ability, and third they must trust you. All good. US
    Richard it is a great honour indeed.
    You surely have a bright future...
    I do believe you have been "elevated."
    Well done Richard!
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