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    Copying windows message boxes.

    I came over a simple trick that allows you to copy the contents of message boxes
    (which could come in handy if you want to copy a error message)
    Its that easy.
    So when you press CTRL + C on this message box:

    You get:

    Hello World
    Tekno Venus, LASERoneZZZ, xilolee and 1 others say thanks for this.

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    Re: Copying windows message boxes.

    Just be careful what you copy/paste from the Web. See Why you can’t trust things you copy and paste from web pages.
    writhziden, LASERoneZZZ and patamites say thanks for this.

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    Re: Copying windows message boxes.

    Ah yes, I have heard of that.

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    Re: Copying windows message boxes.

    Didn't know about this, thanks for the tip!


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    Re: Copying windows message boxes.

    O wow, I had no idea this could happen. Will be using the Notepad copy method from now on.

    Thank you so much for highlighting this exploit.

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