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    Re: 0x80070057 an unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file

    Just a warning, there's details below that I'm just describing what i was doing/what happened. But the important part now is just my question in the last 2 sentences.

    It seems this is probably not a win 10 issue, so i dont know if the post needs to be mo ed or not...

    Quote Originally Posted by axe0 View Post
    Were you trying to copy data from the 3tb drive to the 4tb drive?
    I did sucessfully copy about 2/3 of the data from the 3tb and use it for 3 weeks on the 4tb. I also added alot of new camera files (300-400gb) and was editing and saving new adobe project files and jpg copies before i lost access to everything on the 4tb.

    But i think what i was doing with the drives is seeming more and more irrevelant. Just a few hours after my last post i got a blue screen

    and then I couldnt boot after that and just getting the screen with kingston ssd smart status bad

    Quote Originally Posted by axe0 View Post
    Could you provide us with the system specs?
    - CPU - i5-4590 3.3 GHz
    - RAM - 8GB x2 gskill ripjaws x
    - Motherboard - AsRock H81MDV3
    - All drives models -
    Western Digital 3TB Blue WD30EZRZ
    Western Digital 4TB Red WD40EFRX
    Kingston SSDnow300
    (other sata drives that have been connected by external usb only seem to be unaffected)
    - gpu - gtx 1060 6gb
    - psu - energy optimus 600fc 80 plus

    So I had only the SSD drive connected and it wouldnt boot up like 5 times in a row, the 6th try it booted up normal. I thought it probably has to be a problem with the psu, ram or mobo. I set windows memory check to start scanning and went to the store to buy a new psu. When i got back it was sitting in the bios setup. It was just going straight into bios every restart (wasnt recognizing my ssd) until i took out the ram to try just one stick at a time and then from then out i wasnt getting anything on the monitor only beep codes. (Mostly 4 short beeps only)
    However, after giving it a short break i plugged in a usb with winpe and it loaded that fine

    Tried the new 800w evga psu and no difference noticed

    Quote Originally Posted by jcgriff2
    You need to get that blank CD and run SeaTools for DOS
    I got to a friends who has a desktop and notebook pc with dvd drives... I was unsuccessful in getting the desktop to boot from the disk drive. The drive wasnt in the bootup options or showing in the bios setup by the other devices. Tried switching safe setup on and off with no luck.
    I did get seatools to load on the notebook but with my hd connected to usb, seatools was detecting no drives (not even the internal ones ?)

    OKAY, long story short, i ordered a new motherboard and plan on starting fresh on my ssd again (which i was able to backup 99% with a 2.5in usb adapter. Just several .htaccess files had the error)

    I also ordered a synology ds416 nas and a few more drives so I can put my data in a raid and hopefully not worry about losing important files again.

    The thing I'm really hoping is possible is that i can recover the data on my 3tb and 4tb drives. If I cant copy, move, open, delete the files no matter what computer i access from is there still hope for getting my data back??

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    Re: 0x80070057 an unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file

    The blue screen
    0x80070057 an unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file-cadixrq-jpg

    Ssd boot screen
    0x80070057 an unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file-oenez7y-jpg

    0x80070057 an unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file-tkild3d-jpg

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