Edit the boot.ini File when Microsoft Windows XP Appears Multiple Times at Boot

  1. Boot into Windows.

  2. Click Start Menu.

  3. Click All Programs.

  4. Click Accessories.

  5. Click Command Prompt.

  6. Change directories to the root of the system drive.

    cd \
    • There is a space between cd and \ in the command.

  7. Remove the following attributes from boot.ini so it can be backed up and then edited:
    • Hidden

    • System

    • Read Only

      attrib -h -s -r boot.ini
  8. Backup boot.ini and edit it.

    copy boot.ini boot.ini.bak2
    notepad boot.ini

  9. Delete the old versions of Microsoft Windows XP that are no longer needed.

  10. Remove the timeout value and set it to 0.

  11. Make sure the default matches one of the remaining operating systems

  12. Set up the boot.ini attributes again and exit the Control Panel.

    attrib +h +s +r boot.ini