Startup Repair in Windows Vista or Windows 7

  1. Start by accessing the Windows Recovery Options.

  2. Make sure the appropriate partition is marked active prior to running Startup Repair.

  3. Run Startup Repair.

  4. Let Windows continue Searching for problems...

  5. You may choose to Restore or Cancel when asked. If you already tried a restore, try canceling to see if Windows can repair the problem.

  6. Windows will continue Attempting repairs...

  7. When Startup Repair finishes, you may receive the following message:

  8. Do not despair if you see the above message. Restart the system, and run Startup Repair again.

  9. You may need to run Startup Repair up to three times. If you click on View diagnostic and repair details, you can see all the steps that Startup Repair accomplishes.

  10. The reason for running Startup Repair up to three times is:
    • Startup Repair first attempts to restore your system to an earlier time to resolve possible registry corruption or damage.

    • It then runs SFC /SCANNOW to check for corrupted Windows files.

    • It may also run a disk check and attempt to automatically fix the boot configuration.
  11. Depending on the extent of the corruption or damage, each of these may require a reboot to resolve problems. Since there are three tasks that may require a reboot, sometimes Startup Repair needs to be run three times to allow each task to finish.