This is just a quick tip on how you can quickly restart Windows Explorer in Windows 7 and Vista.

Method 1

  1. Click Start
  2. Whilst holding the Ctrl and Shift keys, right click on the arrow next to the Shut Down button.
    Screenshot - 19_11_2013 , 07_32_30 PM.png
  3. Click Exit Explorer
  4. Press Ctrl, Shift and Escape to launch Task Manager
  5. File --> New Task (Run...)
  6. Type explorer.exe and press Enter

Method 2 - Batch File

  1. Download the below batch file - restart_explorer.bat and save it to a memorable location
  2. Double click the batch file to run it.
  3. Explorer will now exit. Wait a few seconds for it to disappear, and press any key to continue the batch file
  4. Explorer will now restart