Complete List of Installed Windows Updates

Running the following CMD command from an elevated Admin CMD prompt screen will open your default web browser and display a complete HTML listing of installed Windows Updates.¹

Bring up an elevated Admin CMD prompt screen; paste or type the following command -
Rich (BB code):
wmic qfe list full /format:htable > c:\0.html & c:\0.html

Output sample -

The output file is c:\0.html and can of course be changed to output the HTML listing to a different file location. The HTML file name can also be changed - but must have a file extension = .html

Each time the command is executed, it will either create a new file (if no current file exists) or completely overwrite the previous HTML file output, not append the new data to the previous run's output HTML file.

If you do want to append the new data to the old, change the single greater than sign (>) to a double greater than sign (>>).

Good luck and please feel free to post any questions or comments.


p.s. Please Note - This is a CMD command - not a PowerShell command. The command will not work under PowerShell.

¹ Also, not all Windows Updates may be listed. For example, Windows Updates related to Silverlight and Visual C++ may not be included in the output listing. This also may be the case for 3rd party driver updates as well that come in via Windows Update like NVIDIA video and Intel wifi drivers; not sure.

Another method to obtain currently installed Windows Updates is through the use of the systeminfo command. Again - not sure if Silvrlight, C++ and 3rd party driver updates are included.

To run systeminfo, bring up the same elevated Admin CMD prompt screen, type/paste the following command -
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systeminfo > c:\1.txt & start notepad c:\1.txt

Sample output for systeminfo - (scroll towards end - you'll see the Windows Update KB numbers) -

As with the other command, you may change the systeminfo output file location as well as the file name itself.

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From Sysnative - a comprehensive tutorial on the 70+ WMI commands and their output - Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) - (Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista)