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Internet Browsing - Safety Tips


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Jul 30, 2015
United States
Here are some tips that I have compiled together about internet browsing:
#1: Don't give personal information about yourself to a stranger online (Name, Email, IP, Address, etc.)
#2: Don't click any links that you aren't sure of, do some research on it first.
#3: Never visit 'adult sites', 99% of them are eaten up with ad's and malicious content.
#4: Tweak your browsers settings to what you want to protect your privacy and security online.
#5: Use browser extensions to help you out (uBlock/Adguard, HTTPS Everywhere, Web of Trust, etc. which ever ones that fit your preference)
#6: Try not to become subject to Social Engineering (Human Manipulation) attacks.
#7: Always use a antivirus - this helps you by blocking access to malicious sites in the AVs database.
#8: Beware of news stories on Social Media sites as they could end up being fake.
#9: Make sure your browser is updated regularly.
#10: Check the website you are visiting to make sure it is the official site and not a phishing site.

Hope you enjoy the tips! :D


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Jun 4, 2015
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#3: Also stay away from torrent, crack and warez sites - these are commonly infested with malware drive-by downloads. (not to mention that pirated software tend to have malware themselves)

#7: Antivirus isn't enough nowadays - you will need an antimalware software (unless you are using Emsisoft - in that case you have AV and AM protection on your fingertips already :D).