How to Install a Device Driver under Compatibilty Mode in Windows 7

In this Tutorial we will be using a Network Adapter device (Network Interface Card or Wireless Network Adapter/Card) as an example. You may also use this process to Graphics and other hardware devices.

Are you running into some issues installing the correct driver or does not install properly in Windows 7 Operating System? Surely, there is a workaround but this process will not guarantee that the driver will install or work properly but it's definitely worth giving it a try.

If you have a driver for your Network Interface Card (NIC) and it is only certified for use with Windows Vista or XP but you want to install it on a Windows 7, some drivers will install using the compatibility mode.

Begin with
extracting the downloaded file from the device manufacturer's site, then locate and right click setup.exe file and choose Properties.

Click on
Compatibility Tab

Compatibility Mode put a checkmark in Run this Program in compatibility mode for: from the drop down menu. Choose the appropriate Operating System and Service Pack that applicable to the driver. I will choose Windows Vista Service Pack 2 in this Tutorial, yours maybe different than mine, click on Apply and OK.

Important note: For x64(64-bit operating systems) this may not work if the driver only uses 32-bit, the driver should use a 64-bit for a successful install and performance. You may consult your driver documentation or manufacturer website as to whether your driver uses 64-bit or contact the device manufacturer.

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