SeaTools for DOS - Hard Drive Diagnostics

1. Download the SeaTools (for DOS) ISO image file -->
SeaTools for DOS - Hard Drive (HDD) Diagnostics (ISO) | Seagate
»Direct ISO File download from the aforementioned page -

2. Burn the SeaTools ISO to a CD-R disc with ImgBurn --> The Official ImgBurn Website
»Direct executable installation file download from the aforementioned page -

Installing Imgburn - Unwanted 3rd Party Apps

Be cautious when installing ImgBurn. No data damage or Windows OS damage can occur, but you could end up installing some garbage items on your system that are definitely unwanted.

Like most 3rd party apps these days, the actual ImgBurn program installation may include worthless 3rd party apps that will be installed on your system unless you un-check the box(es) during ImgBurn installation. You do not want or need these useless additional 3rd party apps for ImgBurn to work properly.

ImgBurn Custom Installation Instructions
When installing Imgburn, be sure to select "Custom Installation" on the two screens presented (if such an option/screen presents itself) and un-check the boxes for (to prevent) the installation of unwanted 3rd party apps such as AVG Toolbar & others.

ImgBurn - Select "Write image file to disc" -


3. Boot your system with the SeaTools CD. Run LONG test. You may need to change the BIOS "firing order" of the drives in BIOS to assure that the DVD drive is read first & prior to any internal hard drives. If you are unsure as to how to do this, simply post requesting assistance. We are more than happy to help you.

4. If SeaTools comes up OK, run HDD manufacturer's diagnostics --> Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

NOTE: You may have to change BIOS settings from AHCI to IDE.

For SSDs - SSD life - tool for solid state drives health and endurance monitoring

SSDs - SeaTools for DOS can now be used for SSDs.

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EDIT: 1 October 2019

Execute Seatools for DOS from a USB Stick

I checked at the SeaTools site and found that they offer a tool/app, filename = that you can download; run the EXE inside the zip file (SeaToolsBootable_RC_2.1.2.usbBootMaker.exe) and create a bootable USB stick for SeaTools with DOS on it.

As with the CD/DVD, you will obviously be booting from the media device that you just created - the USB stick. To successfully boot from the USB stick, you MAY require a BIOS "Firing Order" change to ensure that the system looks to the USB ports first for bootable media - before looking/ defaulting to the hard drive or CD/DVD drive to boot your system.

If you require assistance to change your BIOS settings to ensure that the USB ports are first in line during boot-up, simply post your system manufacturer's name and the EXACT model number of the system. The model number can usually be obtained from the sticker found on the case of a desktop PC or from the label on the bottom of a laptop. It is very important to have the correct model number to ensure that you are provided with the correct instructions.

Here is a listing of the BIOS key sequence by system manufacturer, which will cause your system to boot, then bring you to the BIOS screen. On most systems, you press and/or tap an F-key repeatedly during boot-up to bring up the BIOS menu.

Get access to BIOS settings & Boot Menu: F-keys/Hotkeys by System Manufacturer (OEM)


The SeaTools USB creator app is the first selection on this page (under "Downloads") - SeaTools | Seagate Support US

... and is called SeaTools Bootable

Here is the direct link for the ZIP file download (not sure if it will work or not) -

Good luck to you.

Please post if you have any questions.

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