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Before seeking hardware advice, please read this.

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Aug 28, 2012
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In order for our advisers to better understand your issue, we need to know what we are dealing with. So please list your system specifications in your opening post, or better yet, fill out the system specs portion of your Sysnative profile under the "Miscellaneous Options" section here. Be sure to tick the "Yes" button to Show System Specs. Doing this will enable an easy to access System Specs link under your username in your posts. To see what information will be displayed, click the System Specs link under my username on the left side panel of this page.

When seeking help with a problem you are experiencing, please provide as much detail about the problem as possible, to include any error messages, when the problem first appeared, any recent hardware or software changes to your system, and what you have done thus far to resolve it.

Providing as much information as possible in your opening post can expedite the resolution of your problem. If we know from the start, for example, the version of Windows you are using, or the model number of your motherboard (or factory made computer) you wish to upgrade, we may be able to offer a quick solution in our first reply.

We realize many people have more than one computer, or perhaps they are seeking help on behalf of someone else. In that case, your profile system specs will not help so please list those specs in your opening post. Alternatively, you can use Speccy from the makers of CCleaner (assuming the computer is running). This program will scan the computer and provide a great option to "publish" the system specs (less any personal information) and provide a convenient link to copy into your post for easy review.

Download, install and run Speccy (the free version is just fine for this),
When the scan completes, click on File > Publish Snapshot,
Click Yes,
Click Copy to Clipboard,
Click Close.
Return to forum post, right-click in the post text field and select Paste to copy clipboard contents (the link to your specs) into your post.​

Again, providing this information from the beginning will help us understand the problem faster, and in turn will help you get your answers that much quicker too.
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