The following batch script uploads a file to a client server via FTP.

Simply follow the instructions below. I have personally tested this batch script via Sysnative FTP and all works well.

It's been tested on Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. It probably works on Vista too. You can try it on Vista as if it doesn't work, no harm will come to your system or FTP site.

Open up a Notepad; copy/paste the following into it:
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@echo off

:: Obtain today's date in format YYYYMMDD
set x1=%date:~10,4%
set x2=%date:~4,2%
set x3=%date:~7,2%

:: The CSV file is presumed to be in your Documents directory
set userdir=%userprofile%\documents

:: Build CSV file path + filename
set x=%userdir%\%x1%%x2%%x3%.csv

:: Echo the FTP commands to a text file - done so that ENV variables carry through
echo open>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
echo Server User Name>>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
echo Server Password>>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
echo binary>>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
echo cd Enter server directory path - including "public_html" if Linux>>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
echo put %x%>>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
echo quit>>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt

:: FTP Execution Commands to FTP the file up to the server
ftp -s:%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt %x%

Save it in \windows\system32; filename = FTPup.bat

Change the items in RED to your personal FTP site info.

To execute the newly saved FTPup.bat - enter the batch file name (FTPup.bat) into an ADMIN CMD prompt screen or go into Windows Explorer, RIGHT-click on FTPup.bat; select "Run as Administrator"

You'll know that the CMD Prompt screen is an Admin screen as it will say "Administrator" in the screen title and the path will be \windows\system32 - see screenshot in spoiler -

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This particular batch script was written for an OP at TSF Forums.

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Any questions, modifications or other assistance, please post in this thread and I will try my best to answer them.

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EDIT: Make sure the username or password has no special characters in it as the batch script thinks they are something else. Many of the symbols above the number keys have a special meaning in batch. Many are "reserved words/characters" in batch. So, use letters + numbers only. The "forbidden characters" also include the 3 keys (upper and lower case) to the right of the letter "P" - the brackets and slash mark ( ( ) { } [ ] \ |) ) as well as the 2 keys to the right of the zero (0) key ( _ - + =)

For example - the ampersand (&) tells batch that the next word/phrase following it is a new command. So, if you use an ampersand in your password, what follows the ampersand is expected to be a new batch command. If it is not a new command, the batch script will fail (ABEND - Abnormal Termination) at that point immediately and give off an error stating that whatever is there following the ampersand is not a valid batch command.

To make things easier, I have copied the content of the CODE box, placed it into a batch file and attached the zipped BAT file to this post. Use Notepad or other text editor to edit the batch script (FTPup.bat file) and make the changes as directed.