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audio drivers causing crackling sound and video playback issues


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Dec 24, 2015

i used to use my motherboards onboard sound (msi Z170A gaming m5) until a few days ago i started having issues. all audio would basically be delayed. even a simple thing as going into playback devices->speaker properties->advanced and pressing test would play the sound very delayed and with lots of crackling. videos in VLC would freeze 1 or 2 frames in and only after a few seconds and after audio was crackling would they play. streams on twitch.tv using firefox would 'run' with <0.1 fps and no audio. opening a video in vlc while simultaneously having twitch open would then for some reason make the stream run. videos on youtube would all freeze in the start and only run after a few seconds after audio crackled. skipping ahead or behind on the timeline of the video would also cause freezing and crackling of audio.

i thought the issue was my motherboards onboard sound. USB headsets did work without a problem. then i noticed that uninstalling the driver and allowing windows to install its default audio driver would get rid of the issue (but that driver caused volume to be low and my mic picked up tons of static). i tried all kinds of drivers for my onboard sound. the one MSI (my mb is a MSI Z170A Gaming M5) put on their homepage, newest from realtek website and different ones from the microsoft update catalog. the only thing that fixes it is uninstalling any sound driver and rebooting so that windows installs its default (or whatever its called) audio driver.

i then decided to buy an external soundcard (asus xonar u5) and the same exact thing happened. first, windows installed its default driver, everything ran fine. then i installed the driver that came with the soundcard and the exact same issues described above showed up again.

i then tried running latencymon, both with the microsoft default audio driver and with the driver for my external soundcard. while latencymon said in both cases that my 'system appears to be suitable for handling real-time audio and other..' and all bars were green, i noticed something:


the ISR counts for wdf01000.sys and dxgkrnl.sys start skyrocketing right from the beginning and show the exact same counts for quite a while. only later the numbers start to differ slightly. no matter which driver i use. a quick google told me "Wdf01000.sys is a component of Microsoft's Windows Driver Frameworks" but i have no clue what to make of this. could this be related to my issues?

any help would be much appreciated. thanks

i just found this recent post https://www.sysnative.com/forums/windows-10-a/24731-extremely-bad-preformance.html#post209356 where someone has the same high ISR counts for wdf01000.sys and dxgkrnl.sys , are those normal? he fixed his performance issue by typing verifier /reset into cmd, which unfortunately does nothing for me, besides telling me that "No settings were changed".