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  • There is a neighborhood association in Irondequoit attempting to get enough residents to sign up. I don't know if they made the cutoff Greenlight Final Signup Round

    Don't get me started on TWC. Internet slowed to a crawl Tuesday, slower than dial-up. Following the refresh signal, unplug, restart, I finally got through to tech support. He mumbled something about "red power" and didn't know if it was the modem or lines. Scheduled a service call for this afternoon. A 10 minute drive to the Webster TW store, 20 minute wait in line and a new modem in hand. Connected it & called to have tech support register the MAC address & send it a signal. Another inept rep who fiddled and excused himself a couple of times, returning to say I'd need to wait for the service call. Doesn't he know that until the new modem is in their system it won't be seen? About 20 minutes later, my connection was back working.
    Welcome to Sysnative! It is nice to see someone else from "Rah-cha-cha" here at Sysnative. I certainly would like to see fiber optic service available in the consumer environment. I cannot envision Time Warner expanding to fiber in this area and from what I hear about Frontier and consumers, not much going their either. :(
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