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  • I'm still stocking up, I'll message you when I've got some for you. It's a old Runescape meme, it was the "thing" to do on Runescape back in like 2004/2005 :p
    That's exactly what I was thinking when I went to watch it with my girlfriend haha :p
    Well it was good, but to be honest I expected more from it. Like the action and "epicness" of the movie is there, but the it seems like the story starts by getting up a few stairs, then suddendly jump to the last ones, skipping the middle.
    Yesterday? It was on Thursday evening! And we went to see the new Hitman :)
    Oh, is hangouts like a Skype call? If so, can you email me or PM me the executable and I can take a look? I'm currently in a Skype call at the moment while I work on something else.
    I am for a bit, yes. I'll log onto GMail. Assuming you don't need to reverse the source code after it's debofuscated, and only need to unpack it, then I can probably do it. If I need to reverse the source code, I don't think I have enough time.
    The apps use the kernel to run, as does WinDBG. I imagine the speed difference you are seeing is the load time for the user interface and not how the kernel is run. Does that make sense?
    Haha, that's one way to do it! :p

    Good good - thought you would but wanted to check. :) I use it a lot. That student partner looks very nice and I'd apply for it if I could but since I'm not at a University I can't. In the UK they also ask for you to submit your Windows Phone or Windows Store apps, of which I have none! Something to remember for the future though.
    I've been looking at getting a VPS for a while now to move away from my shared hosting. DigitalOcean are well reviewed and if I get the GitHub pack I'll certainly try them out!

    On the subject of other student stuff, have you heard of DreamSpark?

    I also wonder if your Uni allows for this: Microsoft Home Use Program - Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013. The software suite includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access and more!. You may not know your Program Code it asks for, but if you click "Don't Know Your Program Code?", you can enter your email and it will see if they're registered.
    Yeah, it said they'll get back in a few weeks. No idea if I'll be accepted because I'm not at Uni, but no harm in trying. I like the look of the DigitalOcean credits, but all the tools look good to try and play with.

    OOOH, that's awesome! Never seen that, will have a look at it properly!! :D
    Just tried registering myself for the jetBrains one but unfortunately my school is not listed - it seems to be Universities only. I haven't heard of the ISIC cards before - I may apply for one. I do have a student card, but not a ISIC one. Do ISIC cards need renewing each year or is it a once off purchase.

    I'll have a look at the GitHub one later!
    I actually tried this the other week. I really, really wanted to like it because it does have some great features. However I just found it much slower than N++ and it couldn't deal with any of the logs I have to analyse for WUpdate. After using N++ for years I found it very hard to move away.

    Currently trying the free trial of SublimeText, but it's $70 for a license :O

    I've also just found out that JetBrains offer free student versions of their programs such as PHPStorm which are meant to be fantastic:
    It can handle up to about 1GB files without too many issues. Anything over a GB needs some heftier tools, especially when you go other 3.5GB (the 32bit RAM limit). I've only had about 2 or 3 occasions where I've needed some of my other tools for log analysis. Those were some huge logs to analyse! :O
    You're welcome! Glad you like it! :) I've used it for a long time now and know many other people who do. The main selling point for me is the fact it supports everything I could want. Syntax highlighting for every major language, plugin support, a light weight UI and it supports large files well - important for Windows Update work.
    No problem. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. Always the potential for problems with any update, but I had no crashes on my test system with 1203 .dmps tested. If you have any problems, start a thread in the BSOD Processing Apps Download | Information | Discussions forum and include any .dmps that caused problems. :-}
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