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    [W7SP1 x64] Weird Chrome problem

    Chrome doesn't want to check for updates on the 'about' page - says: Update check failed to start (error code 3: 0x80040154). If I go to about page with an admin account it just fail to check with the above error. If I use user account it asks for an admin password and fails either way. The...
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    [SOLVED] [7SP1 x64] Can't install update kb4056894 and others.

    Hello! The main problem I'm looking into is inability to install windows6.1-kb4056894-x64_4ddb21dbf40b3a7c41e17b4bf04242d8b48a5ac3.msu. This fails via Windows Update and fails when running the above. Some of the regular installs fail too. For example Acrobat Reader web installer was failing...