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  • It might be. I have no say in how they do things here or how MCC rules work (or even what they are). I really just wanted to congratulate you. The rest is not my call and I've no clue how it will be handled.
    Congrats on MCC at SF! Confusing rules. Not sure if you can do more than claim it in Bio (without badge) or be added to list of badged people here since it now seems forum-specific - but I sure can't figure it out. I guess it'll become more clear in time.
    Thanks :) Really enjoying the role, it's great experience and overall, good fun! It's great to work with such great members and other admins.
    Awe, thank you. I miss you & others from SF but not the site itself. Although I visited regularly, I had backed off helping there regularly in January/February. It was getting to me. I've been having a lot of fun here though and keep busy with the other sites where I'm involved. Its nice without the nonsense.

    I'm not a hot weather person so am really enjoying the fall weather. I can even deal with winter as long as we don't get buried for months on end with snow. :)
    Glad you're alright. :) The apps are going very well at the moment. I think you have lots of skills from the help I've seen you give, just maybe not in the blue screen department. ;) How are things going back at SF?

    How's Greg? I never received a response back from him with my PM.
    I'm doing well, thanks. How are you?

    Sorry I've been out of touch. Been trying to keep up with the blue screen apps development and my research.
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