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    Mass Effect 3 Composer Recruited for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

    Video game developer Overhaul Games has announced that Sam Hulikc will be the composer tasked with adding new, original music tracks to the upcoming Baldur’s gate: Enhanced Edition.

    Sam Hulick is best known for the work he has done on the Mass Effect series from BioWare, where he has worked on all three core titles and has added the music required to flesh out the science fiction world and the conflicts embedded in it.

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    Re: Mass Effect 3 Composer Recruited for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

    That's some great news!

    Baldur's Gate was one of my favorite PlayStation games


    I expect its successor to be even better.
    JMH says thanks for this.

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    Re: Mass Effect 3 Composer Recruited for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition

    he is a capable and talented composer.

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