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    Extended ending for Mass Effect 3 game released

    Fans of the Mass Effect 3 will be offered a chance to find out more about the video game's ending, on 26 June.

    Creator Bioware is releasing a free update that gives players more insight into the effect their actions had on the original game's setting.

    The extended ending follows an outcry by fans who complained the original ignored decisions made during play.


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    Re: Extended ending for Mass Effect 3 game released

    i saw a clip of the ending (pre-extended cut) and agree with the disgruntled.

    i cannot imagine bioware, ea, recovering from that with a few extra minutes of material.
    from the existing ending, it indeed seems improbable that the new ending can draw from decisions previously made in-game.

    (no... have not played me3 yet, may never get the chance to do so... real life (c) you know.)

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