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    Windows update fails with code 9C59 while trying to update to IE 11


    I had a raid disk drive start to fail that caused corruption on my system image. This corrupted the backup image and I cannot use it to restore the image. I could not perform any updates before I repaired the files. I can install all the updates but IE11 now so I think I am close to restoring the damaged files but I am struggling on these last few files.

    I have a machine that is almost identical in the house and have fixed all of the corrupt files in the winsxs, winsxs/Manifests, and servicing/packages/ directories using Araxis Merge to compare the directories and fix the obviously corrupted files.

    Now after running sfc /scannow followed by the readiness update tool... I still have 12 files that it is complaining about. 2 missing, 5 that fail catalog check, and 5 that fail SHA256 checks. I assume I have registry issues now that need fixed but I am having trouble finding information on exactly what I need to check.

    Any help you could provide would be appreciated or just point me in the right direction.


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    Re: Windows update fails with code 9C59 while trying to update to IE 11

    Hello again,

    Just wanted to update the progress I have been able to make on my own. I was able to fix the registry keys and eliminate the SHA256 errors. So I am only left with the 5 that fail the catalog check and the 2 that are missing. I am stuck at this point and any help you can provide would be appreciated.

    Using the information on the website I tried to track down the packages that the original files are located in. The do not have a KB article numbers attached to them but are all linked (strangely enough) to two packages.

    CBS_microsoft-windows-internetexplorer-optional-package and microsoft-windows-internetexplorer-vistaplus-update. I cannot find a package to download to try and recover these files.

    Attached are the latest CBS and CSUR logs.


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