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    Re: Not Received Help?

    Hi admin. Grateful if you could take a look on my below thread please. Your help would be much appreciated.

    [Win7SP1 x64] Windows update failed. Manifest file corrupted


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    Re: Not Received Help?

    Hi, I would be thankful also if you can give me an idea on what to do about this. Windows update is trying to install (kb2987107) I realize that Microsoft had issues with that update back in November Of 2014 but I am pretty sure that I installed it. It may have worked ok. I think that part of the update (kb2987107) has become corrupted so windows update is asking to re-install it. I don't know if I have anyway of knowing if it functioned properly. I have not tried to install the subsequent updates that superseded this service pack.

    I don't know if this is part of the same issue but it seems like I have lost the ability of the security system to allow me to control the Language packs. Initially I inadvertently installed all of them. I would like to remove them. I cannot figure out if they are installed or if I got them uninstalled but windows thinks that they should be re-installed because when I run KB947821 and then sfc followed by sfcfix it says that I have 731 missing component keys and they are all related to the windows language packs or at least most of them are at a glance.

    I seem to have lost the ability to control the installation and the removal of some hardware. I cannot uninstall and install intel update link for bgn wifi link 1000. In this situation I have either lost the registry ability to control the removal and installation. I cannot remove the drivers so I try to reinstall the driver to uninstall it and get it working. It is also possible that I am not reinstalling the absolute same driver or the install path got corrupted so that I cannot uninstall it. ( re read that I am not sure if that makes any sense but I don't know how to state it more succinctly) I cannot remove and reinstall the Hp LaserJet 2200 I think that it is a registry security issue. I also seem to have lost the ability to remove and reinstall blue tooth devices. I had a brother DCP-L2540DW installed but it is removed now and it seems to have semi installed a Bluetooth driver that I cannot remove. I get 5 Bluetooth devices that start to install drivers in the device manager as a blue tooth peripheral device but do not completely install and end up with a yellow exclamation point next to them. I suspect that a couple of them are looking for the brother software. I suspect that a couple of them are looking to install the wireless drivers. I do not know what the last one or two drivers that are needing to be installed. when I remove them but they never install fully so they Windows Thank you for any help that you can give. me.

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    Re: Not Received Help?

    Hi, can you help me with this:
    [Win7SP1 x64] Windows Update Fails with Error 80073701
    there is no reply since 18/5

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    Re: Not Received Help?

    Hi, I posted 4-5 days ago and realize that you are probably pretty busy :)
    [Win7SP1 x64] Error 80073712 on many MS Updates KB 4019264 3110329 (18 in total)

    Just wondering if this one fell through the cracks or it is in some sort of queue.
    No worries or complaints ... just wondering whether to move on.

    Thanks in advance if someone looks at this one.

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    Re: Not Received Help?

    Hello, it's been 2 days.
    Please check out my topic when you have time.
    [Win8.1 x64] Quality Rollups successful, but not successful

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    Re: Not Received Help?

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    Re: Not Received Help?

    Hello, can somebody please take a look at my thread:
    [Win10ProV1607Build14393 x64] W.refuse KB4019472: error 80073701; DISM error 800F081F

    A really strange issue.

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    Re: Not Received Help?

    Hello! Could you please have a look at my thread? It's been several days. Thank you!
    [Win8.1Upd3 x64] SFCFix Corruptionsl

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    Re: Not Received Help?

    Hi Guys:

    If someone could take a look at my thread, I'd really appreciate it. I'd really like to get this resolved. I'll definitely make a donation to the cause.



    [Win7SP1 x64] WU Error 8000FFFF

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    Re: Not Received Help?

    I would appreciate if someone took over: [Win8.1 x64] Quality Rollups successful, but not successful
    It's been 4 and a half days. Both on this and my Practice Log.

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    Re: Not Received Help?


    i created this therad on 05-20-2017:
    [Win7SP1 x64] problems updating my laptop

    thank a lot and greets from Germany!
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    Re: Not Received Help?

    Hi Guys:

    I'd be most appreciative if someone could look at this thread. It's been 10 days. I'll definitely make a donation.

    [Win7SP1 x64] WU Error 8000FFFF

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