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    Re: Windows Update nor working (Error code 80070246)

    Good morning everyone. I have an ongoing issue that I have been trying to fix for several days now, and have decided that it must be something either really simple or really difficult. Here's the scoop;

    I was running Windows Update on my computer. Everything seemed to be going fine, no issues or errors to report for the first few updates. I restarted my computer as the some of the updates needed me to for the updates to take effect. While running Windows Update this last time my computer has started giving me an error (80070246) when attempting to install the following updates;

    -Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2862966)
    -Security Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB2868626)

    These updates appear to have downloaded alright, but they will not install for whatever reasons. I have tried installing them one at a time but to no avail. My computer is now showing I need shut my computer down every time I turn it on to finish installing updates but these "installing updates" never get installed. I am at a loss, and would really appreciate any and all assistance with this matter. Thank you. :)

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    Re: Windows Update nor working (Error code 80070246)

    I have this same issue going on. I'm a mac guy who's recently inherited this lovely machine, trying to install some pretty heavy music software as their tech team has advised me may be due to outdated components...
    My pc is consistently crashign now from the newly added software, but this thing is like new and has nothing else installed... Any help would be appreciated, today is my last off day for a few days..

    I'm Running:
    Dell XPS 8700 Intel Core i5 - 4430 CPU@3.00 GHZ
    8.00GB of installed memory
    system type is : 64 bit operating system

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    Re: Windows Update nor working (Error code 80070246)

    Hi khrizzlexmane,

    Please create a new thread here:

    Include any error codes and the operating system version in the title of your post.

    If you are running Windows 7 follow these instructions:

    System Update Readiness Tool (SURT)

    Download and run the System Update Readiness Tool for your version of Windows here: System Update Readiness Tool

    NOTE: If you aren't sure if your Windows installation is 32-bit or 64-bit, check here: How to determine whether a computer is running a 32-bit version or 64-bit version of the Windows operating system

    This tool will take some time to complete - when it has finished, attach C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CheckSUR.log with your reply.

    Post a link to your new thread here so that I can find it quickly.
    I am usually online 1PM - 4PM CST Monday - Friday.
    If your thread has not received a new reply within 3 days, please make a post here: Not Received Help? so another helper can continue to assist you.

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    Re: Windows Update nor working (Error code 80070246)

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    Re: Windows Update nor working (Error code 80070246)

    Any new ideas? I created a new post. . .

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