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    Post Windows Update Forum Posting Instructions

    Welcome to Sysnative's Windows Update forum.

    Here you may seek help and support for Windows Update errors, System File Checker (SFC) corruptions, Side by Side Configuration errors, System Service errors, and related errors, corruptions, and problems.

    These instructions apply to all of the above problems. If, however, you are, for whatever reason, not able to complete part of these instructions, please just create a new thread with a description of your problem and we will help you from there.


    Please do not follow the instructions or fixes provided to other users as you may cause harm to your computer. Each fix is customized specifically for each person.

    Run SFCFix

    This free tool of my own creation is a very good starting point for the diagnosis and repair of all Windows Update and System File Checker corruptions. We therefore need you to run this tool prior to collecting logfiles.

    1. First download and run a copy of the tool from http://www.sysnative.com/niemiro/apps/SFCFix.exe.
    2. Work through any on-screen prompts and then await completion (runtime is approximately 15 minutes).
    3. Once it has finished, if there are any unrepaired corruptions (the tool will notify you if it has succeeded in repairing all corruptions if they're simple in which case we're no longer needed) or unresolved problems with your computer, you need to post us the complete logfile which opens on exit. Simply copy (Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C) and paste (Ctrl-V) the entire logfile into your new thread (also know as a 'topic'). How to create a new thread is shown later on in this post.

    Export CBS folder

    1. On Windows 8, press the Windows key, type This PC, and press Enter.
      On Windows Vista/7, click the Start button then click Computer.
    2. Double-click on the C: drive, under the Hard Disk Drives category, and then scroll down to, and double click on the Windows folder.
    3. Find and double click on the Logs folder.
    4. Right-click on the CBS folder, and select Copy.
    5. Go back to your Desktop, right-click on it, and select Paste. You should now see a copy of the CBS folder appear on your Desktop called CBS.
    6. Right-click on this new folder, and navigate through Send to, and select Compressed (zipped) folder.
    7. A new file, also called CBS (CBS.zip), but this time with a different icon, will be created.

    Create Topic

    1. If you have not already done so, you will need to complete a brief and free registration form here: Register at Sysnative Forums
    2. Navigate to the Windows Update forum and click the Post New Thread link.
      Windows Update Forum Posting Instructions-2016-05-09-16_59_17-sysnative-forums-png
      Windows Update Forum Posting Instructions-2016-05-09-16_56_31-windows-update-png
    3. Add a title that describes your problem.
    4. Please start your topic with a brief explanation of what is happening to your PC and any steps you may have taken on your own. If applicable, please include any error codes or error messages you are receiving.
    5. Attach the CBS.zip file created as instructed above.
      1. Click the paper clip icon in the topic toolbar which will open a new window.
      2. Click Add Files in the upper right corner
      3. Click Select Files
      4. Navigate to your desktop and select the saved zip file (i.e., C:\Users\{Your Username}\Desktop\CBS.zip)
      5. The attached file will be highlighted and have a check mark in the box.
      6. Click Done.

    6. Click Submit New Thread

    Someone will be along to review your logfiles shortly.
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    Re: Windows Update Forum Posting Instructions

    What to do if your CBS logfiles are too large to upload

    In some instances you will be unable to upload your CBS logfiles to our forum because they are too large. To work around this problem you need to use our large file uploader.

    First, create a thread describing your problem and with a copy of SFCFix.txt. You may make a little note that the CBS logfiles are shortly to follow if you like. The order here is essential though - our uploader works best when you've already created your thread, so please make sure to make your thread before following these instructions.

    Then, once your thread has been posted:

    1. Download SFCFix.exe using the following link and save the tool to your Desktop: Download SFCFix
    2. Download SFCFixScript.txt and save this to your Desktop as well: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...cript.txt?dl=1
    3. On your Desktop, you should now see two files: SFCFixScript.txt and SFCFix.exe.
    4. Drag the file SFCFixScript.txt onto the file SFCFix.exe and release it.
    5. SFCFix will now begin to upload your CBS logfiles to our server.

    If all goes well, you should see that your logfiles have now been added to your thread.

    Do not worry if you run these instructions before creating your thread though. We should still be able to access the files, they just won't be visible to you nor tacked onto the end of your thread - but we should still be able to find them.
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    Re: Windows Update Forum Posting Instructions


    BSOD Posting Instructions - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 & Vista ` ` `Carrona Driver Reference Table (DRT)
    Sysnative Hex-Decimal-UNIX Date Conversion

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