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    Restore Important Windows Services

    I am having issue installing security updates and I stumble upon tweaking.com.
    I found that the only option I need is Repair #25 - Restore Important Windows Services. After running Repair, select #25, reboot, I am able to install security updates.
    I want to know what does "Restore Important Windows Services" does.
    I have a backup of my machine so I can restore to the point where I have an issue. I compared the settings of the services before and after, but that does not cover "Restore Important Windows Services"
    Does anybody have an idea how to "Restore Important Windows Services"?
    Restore Important Windows Services

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        ASROCK FM2A88M Pro3+ chipset A88X Bolton-D4
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        A10-7800, 4 CPU, 4 thr, 65/45W, FM2+, 28nm, Steamroller/Kaveri
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        10GB (Nanya and kingston ddr3-1333 9-9-9-24)
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        RealTek ALC662 (integrated in MB)
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        SuperFlower 450W 80+ Platinum (SF-450P14PE)
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        Realtek RTL8111GR (NIC integrated in MB)
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        Samsung SyncMaster SA100 LS22A100NS-EN
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        Windows 10 Home/Standard x64

    Re: Restore Important Windows Services

    Hi Garcia.

    It restores the registry files located in "tweaking.com - windows repair\files\regfiles\YourOS"

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    Re: Restore Important Windows Services

    Thank you xilolee. I will restore my backup-with-issue and try to restore the registry in "tweaking.com - windows repair\files\regfiles\2k8r2".

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