Windows 8.1 update repeatedly offers and fails to install the following patch sets: amyuni document converter, KB2919355, KB2990967, and KB3063843. How can I get past this?

I see that you have solved this through a variety of means for other people but warn not to use their patches.Attachment 26859

Here is the output of the SFCFix.txt file and the attached.


SFCFix version by niemiro.
Start time: 2017-07-16 16:20:10.324
Microsoft Windows 8.1 - amd64
Not using a script file.

FIXED: Performed DISM repair on file Amd64\CNBJ2530.DPB of version 6.3.9600.17415.

SUMMARY: No corruptions were detected.
AutoAnalysis:: directive completed successfully.

Successfully processed all directives.

Failed to generate a complete zip file. Upload aborted.

SFCFix version by niemiro has completed.
Currently storing 0 datablocks.
Finish time: 2017-07-16 16:55:25.448