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    [Win7SP1 x64] Can't update, admin account can't logon due to group policy. Disaster!

    Last fall I started having all kinds of problems with the Win 7 SP! Dell laptop which is my main computer. Eventually had to resort to Dell system repair several times and was able to log on. Could not install a printer, could not get updates since last summer, and still getting "logon failed group policy." Dell update won't work or even install on new id. Ran sfc several times and got down to a few corrupted windows files. I think this all started when I had a power outage during use of Tweaking.com tool which had been excellent for some time. Have had powessere malware and an agent variant. Have run about every malware scanner I can find, malwarebytes, rkill, adware remover, junkware remover, dds, zhp by Coolman which had been great in the past, kapersky, eset, trendmicro, spybot search and destroy, crab cleaner (delete and registry) msrt, zoek, etc. etc. etc. (ugh!).

    Contacted Dell and they were no help. Then called Microsoft because the Win7 keys (both the Dell key determined by Bellarc and the battery label key) were "invalid" and was getting counterfeit software warnings, which it was not. Could not re-activate. After hours of sales pitch about buying a new license was provided one along with an iso download as a Windows 7 SP1 "upgrade." Followed instructions to extract with WinRAR and then when the enter activation key screen came up neither the keypad or an external nor the mousepad would work. I was completely locked out. So I went to the Microsoft Store and more sales pitch, asked for the store manager and he instructed the tech to fix it. So he entered about two commands which he would not share with me and was able to type but only after I showed him the hardware worked in the Dell restore program which he said was not a Win program and from which nothing could be done to "upgrade." He was wrong, I went to the Dell repair tool and selected dos prompt, got winRAR to open and access the C drive and showed him anything on the computer could be accessed (although now I have a bunch of winrar looking icons). In any event the "Upgrade" accepted the new key but still had the same problems, could not use Windows Update, could not install new programs, and could not logon due to "logon failed group policy". Also my screen picture and password were gone.

    The Microsoft store created a new name as user/administrator account and (supposedly)) copied my user data to a new name "TEST". Still can't get to original user and can't install new printer. Everything seems to be screwed up. I cannot wipe and start over due to question of loss of data as well as programs that I no longer have the discs for or are out of print. Eventually bought an inexpensive new HP Win 10 touchscreen which I can and intend to punt as I can't figure out. <aybe I',m just too dumb or old, one thing's for sure, I don't have time for a learning curve. I could barely figure out Win 7 and have data files all over in unexpected places. I need to fix my computer in a manner that will not jeopardize the data or my programs which are not Win 10 compatible.

    After running SFC today rather than a half dozen important corruptions I have over 1000 corrupt windows files. Somehow the "upgrade" made matters worse in this regard. I was down to 4 or 5 that mattered on a prior scan before visiting Microsoft. I have done the hardware, memory tests, etc.

    I keep getting 0x8007002, 80070490, 8007005. errors when I try to update or install, and I can't get into my primary administrator account due to group policy issue. I don't know why I have a workgroup or any group policies in that I am the only person to use the computer (except hackers I suppose).

    I have a great deal of important programming and data which I cannot afford to lose. I don't trust backups because so many folders/files are locked in both the old and the new user accounts and I assume that data and those programs would be lost.

    I would greatly appreciate some help getting this computer fixed before I wind up in deep legal problems by not getting my work done or losing the data. About a month ago I bought a 3 T Seagate and attempted a backup but I can't be certain everything is there. Certainly nothing recent anyway, and my 450 G hard drive is now about full with an on board back up I can't find to delete.

    So I am attaching the SFCfix log of today, a pre Microsoft upgrade one, and the CBS file. If whomever is willing to help me would send me a message I would be happy to contact by phone if that is permitted. I wonder whether post "upgrade" when attempting to further "repair" if windows/dell did not have access to the iso sitting on the Desktop (the CD/DVD is broken). I have no original install disc as Win 7 was preloaded and no disc provided. Also the computer can't make a restore point in the repair mode or otherwise. I did have ERUNT running at one point so there may be some old registry copies somewhere. I have tried combofix and tweaking just locks up on me. Help !!!

    Again, thank you very much for access to this forum and any help that may be available here.

    Kindest Regards,

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    Re: Can't update, can't install, admin account can't logon due to group policy. Dista

    Hi. . .

    It sounds like the user account somehow got corrupted &/or lost its admin privileges.

    Have you tried to activate (enable) the hidden admin user account (SID -500) and use it to perform the various tasks as well as to create a new user profile?

    Enable/ Disable the Hidden Administrator User Account (Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista)

    Regards. . .


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