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    [Win8.1Upd3 x64] SFCFix reports 1647 CBS & SFC corruption count

    hello! I recently starting having trouble with windows 8.1 finding my wi-fi connection (hardware shows up in control panel). Anyhow, windows would not let me run the trouble shooter for the wifi and gave me a 0x80070057 error. So now I'm trying to check for windows updates another error.

    So I did some googling with lead me to downloading SFCFix and running it but it was not able to solve the problem.

    I would greatly appreciate your help. I'm trying to upgrade to windows 10 and this issue is also causing errors there.

    Attached is the log file, let me know if you need anything else.
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    Re: [Win8.1Upd3 x64] SFCFix reports 1647 CBS & SFC corruption count

    Hi and welcome to Sysnative. Sorry for the delay. Are you still in need of assistance?

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