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    Re: Missing Files, Paths; Corrupt File(s); SFCFix Crashes

    No problem, and glad to help!

    Yes, they are false positives.

    For the Windows Store Apps Troubleshooter I see "Windows Store cache and licenses may be corrupt" and "Windows Store cache may be damaged" even though my system is known good.
    For the WU Troubleshooter I also see the "Some security settings are missing or have been changed" and "Service registration is missing or corrupt" shown as fixed.

    I would only run the troubleshooters if you are experiencing problems, as they don't seem to be able to indicate if things are actually working - just what it can (or has) reset during troubleshooting.

    The two checks that I would recommend using are DISM and SFC.
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    Re: Missing Files, Paths; Corrupt File(s); SFCFix Crashes

    Thanks for the insight on the Windows 10 Troubleshooters. Going forward as you suggested I'm just going to avoid them and stick with DISM and SFC.

    To be extra safe I ran DISM/ scanhealth and no component store corruption was detected so at this point I'm good. That's not to say I won't encounter problems again soon but hopefully I won't.

    Btw I made a small donation to you guys for helping me out in my times of need!

    zcomputerwiz says thanks for this.

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