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    HELP -- SFCFix.exe Not Working

    Even when running sfcfix as administrator, I continue to get the following:
    Checking for updates . . .
    Failed to check for updates. This may be due to an internet connection problem or a temporary availability failure of the update servers. Please ensure that you are using the latest version of the program before continuing . . .

    My internet connection is fine so I know it's a problem with the update servers.

    I have no idea how to tackle things now.

    My primary concern is that I can't download and install Windows 7 (64 bit) updates. I get notified that updates are available but when trying to search for those updates, the system stays searching for them infinitely until I cancel the operation.

    I have tried various diagnostics as well as the Standalone Installers, all with no luck.

    I have attached my CBS log for your review.

    I don't want to jump the gun but if you are unable to help me resolve the problem, would it be possible to repair the corruptions without doing a complete re-install of Windows 7? I have the original CD's that came with my Dell Studio XPS 1320 laptop way back when.

    Any help you can provide is appreciated more than I can express. Thanks a million.
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    Re: HELP -- SFCFix.exe Not Working

    Hi and welcome to Sysnative. Sorry for the delay. Do you still need assistance?

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