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    Windows update error 0X80070057

    Hi all, I am in need of your help.

    I am trying to update my Window 7 to Windows 10, however it doesn't want to start to downloading...
    Windows update error 0X80070057-wind-10-starting-download-jpg

    I have cleared my cache but this made no difference.

    Looking at my Windows Update I seem to have a problem as it is stuck checking for updates....
    Windows update error 0X80070057-checking-updates-jpg

    I have run the Windows Update Diagnostic Tool windows 7 which tells me I have an error 0X80070057
    Windows update error 0X80070057-windowsupdatedia-tool-jpg

    I would not say the computer is overly slow or CPU maxed out.

    My connection to my broadband internet is OK.

    Then using Google I found the very useful site below
    BEST FIX: Steps to Fix Windows Update Error x8757

    Here I have followed all the step 1 to 4 with no luck

    1: Run SFC Scan - says all good
    Windows update error 0X80070057-sfc-scan-jpg

    2: Run SFC Fix - says all good
    Windows update error 0X80070057-sfc-fix-jpg

    3: Run the SURT..... This didn't want to work and seemed to be stuck as before just checking....
    Windows update error 0X80070057-stand-alone-jpg

    4: Registry Edit - wufix.reg

    And also reset the script
    Windows update error 0X80070057-reset-script-jpg

    Please! please! please! can you help me?
    Thank you in advance
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    Re: Windows update error 0X80070057

    Hi my zipped CBS file is 269,997 kb

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    Re: Windows update error 0X80070057

    Less than 24 hours ago I was pulling my hair out and posting here for help.

    Last night I changed my power setting so the laptop did not shutdown and clicked on Windows 10 Update. Walked away and went to sleep.
    This morning to my surprise it was 25% through initializing Windows 10. However it did take 6 hours to do this.
    Went to work for 8 hours came back and the computer was sitting wait for me to click install. Not sure it needed 8 hours.

    2 hours later here we are Window Update working and on Windows 10.

    Windows update error 0X80070057-win-10-update-working-jpg

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    Re: Windows update error 0X80070057

    Thanks for the update!

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