Error Messages & Codes

The important entries in the CBS log will look something like this:

2016-04-02 10:18:27, Error CSI 0000002e (F) Logged @YYYY/M/D:HH:MM:SS.UUU : [ml:DDD{DDD},l:DDD{DDD}]"EventAITrace:Provider Friendly-Provider-Name{{GUID}} is missing channels under the channelreferances registry key.
Where 'Friendly-Provider-Name' and GUID identify the event log provider.

It will be followed by other error messages and a LOT of XML that doesn’t tell us anything useful.

Related Error Messages and Codes

WmiCmiPlugin wevtcfg.cpp(2258): InstrumentationManifestAssert failed. HR=0x80073aa2." [gle=0x80004005]
"WmiCmiPlugin eventloghandler.cpp(192): ProcessEventsInstall failed. HR=0x80073aa2." [gle=0x80004005]
"WmiCmiPlugin eventloghandler.cpp(212): EventLogHandlerInstall failed. HR=0x80073aa2." [gle=0x80004005]
CMIADAPTER: Inner Error Message from AI HRESULT = HRESULT_FROM_WIN32(15010) "Configuration error.
Problem Summary

There are registry keys missing from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WINEVT\Publishers\{GUID}\ChannelReferences\


The error is self explanatory once you know what you are looking at:
The ‘Friendly-Provider-Name’ with GUID {GUID} is missing one or more of it’s channels under it's ‘ChannelReferences’ registry key (HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WINEVT\Publishers\{GUID}\ChannelReferences\).

The key can be found in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\WINEVT\Publishers\{GUID}

The Default Value for the key will be the Friendly-Provider-Name in the error message.

The ChannelReferences subkey has a value named Count that indicates how many subkeys should be present. They will be named 0, 1, 2, … etc.

Compare the contents of this key to a known good system running the same OS and build. There will be some subkeys missing under ChannelReferences as indicated.

To fix the problem, export the key from the known good system and import it on the machine experiencing the problem.
Be sure to reboot before attempting the update installation again.