Until Windows XP, Microsoft provided the users with a free clipboard viewer. The program, clipbrd.exe, was still searchable in Windows XP and people could use it from the command prompt. For some reasons, Microsoft removed clipbrd.exe file - clipboard viewer from the list of default programs in Windows Vista and Windows 7. It was a handy program that allowed you to view what is on the clipboard and in some versions you were able to view clipboard history up to certain levels.

With Clipboard Viewer gone from Windows 7, people now need something that tells them about the clipboard history that is, what all did they copy to clipboard during the current or previous computing sessions. When the clipboard is cleared, they cannot use the items which were earlier on the clipboard. I had similar needs and to find a solution, I downloaded some free clipboard software. Out of these, I found ControlC to be helpful in tracking the clipboard history and in reusing items that were earlier on the clipboard but were later wiped out.