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    How To Add & Remove Shortcuts From Windows 8 Win + X Menu [Tip]

    Compared to Windows 8 Developer Build, there are a lot of things that have been added to the Consumer Preview. In the past, we have extensively reviewed all the changes that have been made to the upcoming version of Windows. For instance, the removal of the Start Menu button has conjured up quite a debate on whether this radical change was for the good or the bad. Some people cite it as a step towards the future, while others claim this move to be a poor judgment on Microsoft’s part. Apart from some critical subtractions, there are some worthwhile improvements and additions in Windows 8. For example, the new Win + X menu of Windows 8 provides an easy way to access numerous System Utilities such as Programs and Features, Network Connections, Power Options, Task Manager, Control Panel, Run dialog box etc. However, there is no default option to easily edit this menu according to your own requirements. In this post, we will guide you through the process of adding and removing items from Windows 8 Win + X menu
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    Re: How To Add & Remove Shortcuts From Windows 8 Win + X Menu [Tip]

    Do you know if this procedure is still valid for the RTM? I ask because I don't want to mess up my Win8 installation.

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