Microsoft announced a banding change for the collection of Windows Live Essentials programs (Windows Live Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Writer, Live Mesh and Family Safety). Also included in the change in nomenclature are Hotmail and SkyDrive.

From Building Windows 8, Cloud services for Windows 8 and Windows Phone: Windows Live, reimagined is a chart that breaks down software and services for Windows 8:

Service Windows 8 Windows Phone Web/HTML 5
API (dev.
Earlier Versions
Account Microsoft account Microsoft account OAUTH Windows Live ID, Passport
SkyDrive app, SkyDrive Desktop SkyDrive app, Office app REST, JSON FolderShare, Live Mesh, Windows Live Mesh
Email Mail app Mail app EAS Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express
Calendar Calendar app Calendar app EAS, REST Windows Live Mail, Windows Calendar
Contacts People app People app EAS, REST Windows Contacts
Messaging Messaging app Messaging app Integrated in Hotmail and SkyDrive XMPP MSN Messenger
Photos/ Videos Photos app, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker Photos app, Camera Roll REST, JSON (via SkyDrive) Windows Live Photo Gallery, Windows Live Movie Maker