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    problem with lock screen , no more image+time (black flicking screen)

    I'm posting here desperately after googled for hours for my problem...

    seemed that I was a victim of a malware, scan the sh*t out of every possible anti-virus/anti-malware availlable (I had a limited connexion +high cpu usage, impossible to install firewall or even graphic drivers)
    now it's all right and back to normal and the only remaining "damage" is that at lock screen stage, there's a black flicking screen (like it's trying to do something) instead of the lockscreen image and TIME display, it's waiting quite a while compared to before the accident and then logging to windows normaly...
    when I switch user, the lockscreen is displaying normally!?

    so I'm asking you...any idea?
    thanks in advance.

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    Re: problem with lock screen , no more image+time (black flicking screen)

    Hi and Welcome to Sysnative!

    It sounds as if the user profile may be corrupted if the problem is fixed by using a different account.

    Could you explain this flickering a little more?

    Optionally, you could create a new administrator profile on Windows, transfer your documents, and then delete the original account.

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    Re: problem with lock screen , no more image+time (black flicking screen)

    thanks for your help!
    well, it's booting, then I see a blank screen (black) flickering for like 30 seconds (much like a new graphic card driver install) when it should display the lock screen
    it's very weird, then I see the lock screen for half a second, then Im in windows.

    since then I've used SFCFix.exe, it did something because the flickering time is much faster but still there

    Im gonna try the transfering solution as a last ressort

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    Re: problem with lock screen , no more image+time (black flicking screen)

    I agree with Masterchiefxx17 - create a new Admin user account and transfer the existing's user account files over to it.

    It really is painless to do. There may be other things wrong with the current user profile besides the flickering that you are not aware of yet.

    How to create a new user account in Windows 8

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