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    Painful slow login (Windows 8.1)

    Hi, lately the OS seems to login too slow. The symptom:
    a) I have no password setup so booting is fast till the window screen. Once it enters the desktop, I am left staring at a black screen (full screen) with cursor.
    b) Hitting ALT+CTRL+DEL does nothing initially (still black). Then there appears a black windowed screen with just a close button. By this time the Task Manager appears and Explorer comes up as normal. I then close the black screen.

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    Re: Painful slow login (Windows 8.1)

    Spybots Startup Tools list an entry under HK_LM:RunOnce
    C:\windows\SysWOW64\wscript.exe/E:vbscript /B "C:\user-pc\AppData\Roaming\Dador"

    But either that entry is hidden or the directory is not present cos it doesn't exist.

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    Re: Painful slow login (Windows 8.1)

    ok it seems the issue is fixed. Now the login is fast as before. All I did was to delete that entry with Spybot. Googling the entry gave nothing. So I guess I was the first...but who knows maybe a variant of something else.
    xilolee says thanks for this.

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    Re: Painful slow login (Windows 8.1)

    Hi hellbraker.

    I searched a similar behavior and it seems it could have something to do with ransomware, browser highjacking or bad cleaners.
    Therefore, if I were you, I'd be on the safe side and I'd take a tour in sysnative security arena sub-forum (click) with Corrine or BrianDrab (or another allowed-to-deal-with-removing-malware member).

    Read Malware Removal Posting Instructions (click) before opening a new thread.
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    Re: Painful slow login (Windows 8.1)

    Thanks will go through it.

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