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    Windows 8 puts end to endless reboots

    Microsoft yesterday promised that a feature it's added to Windows 8 will put a stop to endless reboots. Unlike earlier versions, Windows 8 will automatically call up a new menu with repair and recovery options when the software sniffs out problems getting the machine to boot or the OS to load properly.

    In a post to the Building Windows 8 blog Tuesday, Chris Clark, a program manager with the user Experience team, described new tools embedded in the operating system designed to step in when a PC reboots more than twice because of problems.

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    Re: Windows 8 puts end to endless reboots

    I have seen it in action (too many times) and it works. Nice catch Jan.
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    Re: Windows 8 puts end to endless reboots

    i've got 2 win 7 machines, an older 32 bit and a new 64 bit - i don't have to reboot endlessly.

    the tool in win 8 sounds useful, but the "end to endless reboots" sounds like hype
    to sell an otherwise unsellable os.

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