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    Internet Speed slow unless running Qualcomm Atheroes Speed test

    In general my internet is fairly slow accept at weird times of the night. I figured it just had to do with the fact that I live out in the country with a satellite internet provider. However, lately I've only been able to get 20 KB/s (according to steam downloader ap) and most internet pages fail to load. I decided to run Qualcomm Atheros Killer Network manager and test my speeds to see if something was up. When I had my test running I noticed steam downloader spiked up to 305 KB/s, and internet pages loaded much faster. Once the test was over though my speed plummeted back down to 20 KB/s. Any ideas as to why my internet speeds seems to be throttling accept when I run my speed test on Qualcomm? It might be worth noting that the "total MB downloaded" shown for steam when i'm downloading a games does increase at a much faster rate while Qualcomm is running its speed test so I do believe that the download speed is actually increasing during these tests.

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    Re: Internet Speed slow unless running Qualcomm Atheroes Speed test

    Ok so I know this was fairly fast, but after playing around with QUALCOMM I think I might have fixed it partialy, though not enough to deem this a solved. Under "internet provider speed" in the Network tab I found an option to manually adjust download speed. It was sitting at .25 megabits (per second?), and I hit the up arrow until it was at 3.5 megabits. I went back to steam and saw after making the adjustment that my download speed was capping at 310 KB/s. So I guess what I don't understand is why QUALCOMM set my download speed so low. Is there a good reason to manually set the threshold so low? More importantly, am I on the wrong forum for these questions, and if so where would be a better place? When I originally searched this issue I saw a lot of related hits from this server, and almost nothing that looked useful from some QUALCOMM official site.

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