I have quite a few problems with Windows 8.1

When i boot up my automatic startup on boot up does not start in like few minuites, something is bottlenecking it up. But once it sttarts it starts all the programms in 20s.

The other thing is I have problems with some games. Some games on steam start up but are not responding. CS:GO, Insurgency, COD:MW3 (just tested, never played after bought ) Most steam games were trensfered from my old Windows 7 PC.
And when i go into task manager to close them it closoes it in application department but goes down to running in background and I can not close it. Simply says in details acces is denied. I am an administrator on my PC. After few minuites it closes. I saw somewhere that it is problem with external devices and their drivers. But tried remowing all device and still nothing hapening. I would like to fix this somehow if not, I will refresh my windows

CPU: AMD FX-8320
GPU: AMD Sapphire 270
RAM: Kingstone HyperX Blu 8gb (2x4)
MBO:Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3
HDD: Toshiba 1TB SSHD