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    How do I import .pst into Windows Live Mail?

    This E-Mail I once sent tells quite well what my question is:

    My aunt wants to open her former E-Mails that she has exported from Windows Outlook. The form of the E-Mail is .pst. She has now Windows 7, and her only E-Mail program is Windows Live Mail.

    I tried to Import the above E-Mails using the command Import messages.

    The Windows Live Mail program then gives me a choice of formats. It says: choose a format from which the E-Mail messages are imported from. The title of the dialog box is "choose a program".

    I choose Microsoft Outlook Express 6. I press Next. The dialog says: The place of your E-Mail messages could not be identified. Choose the location of E-Mail messages to import.

    I choose the Desktop. The .pst file is there. Then I get an error message that reads as follows: There are no messages in this folder, or the needed files are open in another application. Choose another folder, or close the applications where the files maybe.

    I cannot get any further.

    What can I do?
    I got this answer:

    You have to export them from Outlook or a third-party utility that can read the PST file. You canít import directly.

    Unfortunately, this does not help me. I don't know what utilities exist that can read pst files. I don't know from which web site I can download one, install one, or use one. Website means specifically a direct link to downloading one. Also for exporting from Outlook... she does not have Outlook at her home computer. I think them must mean the E-Mails... specifically in the .pst file.

    So, the question is: how can I import .pst files into Windows Live Mail? If the solution is really that I need to use a third-party utility that can read the pst file, from which web site can I download one? It would be great if I would also be told how to install and how to use the utility.

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    Re: How do I import .pst into Windows Live Mail?

    Short answer is you can't, you need to use another 3rd party program like Mailstore to do it see this article here> Outlook 2007 email to Windows Live Mail easy guide | Look for IT over here

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    Re: How do I import .pst into Windows Live Mail?

    How to Convert MS Outlook OST to PST file format?
    I am looking for a tool that can easily migrate entire database from MS Outlook OST file format to PST file format, any suggestion to migrate my file form OST to PST file format?

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    Re: How do I import .pst into Windows Live Mail?

    I have both Outlook and Windows Live Mail (WLM) on my system. Since WLM is no longer supported, I'm switching over to Outlook.

    Your Outlook emails should be on the Microsoft servers. After installing WLM 2012, you need to set up the email address, port number, etc... and the emails should just flow in to WLM -- unless when Microsoft made a huge change to their email servers which greatly affected WLM months ago, this ability was taken away. I'm not sure.

    It used to be - set up your Microsoft email account in WLM; the inbox and folders would then be automatically populated by Microsoft's email servers.

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