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    [W7SP1 x64] Weird Chrome problem

    Chrome doesn't want to check for updates on the 'about' page - says: Update check failed to start (error code 3: 0x80040154).
    If I go to about page with an admin account it just fail to check with the above error. If I use user account it asks for an admin password and fails either way.
    The services are running.
    I'm guessing it can't talk to the service for some reason.

    Had problems with updates installing but that seems to have been rectified.

    Regarding Chrome I have tried:

    GoogleUpdate.exe /RegServer
    Google clean up
    Uninstall/remove registry google records/remove google remnants from hard drive/reboot/install.

    No more ideas what to do...


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    Re: [W7SP1 x64] Weird Chrome problem

    Start here Fix An Error Occurred While Checking for Update in Chrome
    and scroll down to the section: Enable Google Updater Service.

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    Re: [W7SP1 x64] Weird Chrome problem

    That article didn't help as everything (except below) has already been tried. (In particular the bit about services too).

    The only thing that is I didn't have was HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google bit but creating as described in the article didn't help and my other machine that has Windows 7 doesn't have that bit either but nevertheless doesn't exhibit this problem.

    Could it be that Chrome needs some specific Windows Update patch that I do not have?

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    • specs System Specs
      • Manufacturer:
        Custom build
      • Motherboard:
        Gigabyte B150-HD3P-CF
      • CPU:
        Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz
      • Memory:
        16GB DDR4 Crucial Ballistix Sport LT BLS8G4D240F
      • Graphics:
        Intel(R) HD Graphics 530
      • Sound Card:
        (1) Intel(R) Display Audio (2) Realtek HD Audio
      • Hard Drives:
        Crucial MX200 500GB & 2x Toshiba DT01ACA300
      • Power Supply:
        Corsair RM550x
      • Case:
        Fractal Design Define S
      • Cooling:
        Cooler Master TX3 i
      • Display:
        24" Liyama ProLite XB2483HSU-B2 & 24" Dell Ultrasharp U2414H
      • Operating System:
        Windows 10 Pro

    Re: [W7SP1 x64] Weird Chrome problem

    Hi apsen,

    What is the startup type of the google services in services (search services.msc in run prompt).

    Also, could you check if the GoogleUpdate.exe file is present in %programfiles(x86)%\Google\Update

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    Re: [W7SP1 x64] Weird Chrome problem

    gupdate is automatic
    gupdatem is manual

    both are currently running

    and yes there's file:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Update>ls -l
    total 184
    drwx------+ 1 SYSTEM SYSTEM      0 Feb  6 12:16
    drwx------+ 1 SYSTEM SYSTEM      0 Feb  6 12:16 Download
    -rwx------+ 1 SYSTEM SYSTEM 153168 Feb  6 12:16 GoogleUpdate.exe
    drwx------+ 1 SYSTEM SYSTEM      0 Feb  6 12:22 Install
    drwx------+ 1 SYSTEM SYSTEM      0 Feb  6 12:16 Offline

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