I'm trying to fix an issue that appears to be caused by DPC usage. I'm getting pops and clicks in a audio program I use, Cubase. This program is using plugins which access other computers on my network to offload some of the processing. This program sends midi and audio over the network using TCP. I only get the pops and clicks when using this plugin connected to the other computers. The network is set up correctly using dedicated hardware that is recommended for use with this program.
The pops and clicks happen every couple of seconds when I'm working in Cubase. I am able to trigger many pops and clicks by running the OpenGL test in Cinebench or by going to certain web pages such as the Youtube home page. This leads me to believe that the issue is related to the graphics. Running the CPU test in Cinebench does not produce hardly any pops and clicks (with my processor at 100%!).
I have tried 3 different graphics cards (although they were all AMD cards) and have tried multiple versions of the drivers.
I have also reinstalled Windows 7. The version which I am using is optimized for audio performance. All the motherboard drivers were reinstalled and I have checked that they are all updated. Also, I transferred the system to an SSD that I had laying around.
This is a purpose build workstation using a Xeon W3680 so it shouldn't be experiencing these issues.
I have disabled many items in the device manager such as the onboard sound card.
Something seems to be interfering with the network usage (maybe either the NIC driver or the network tasks which Windows does).
I have performed the Xperf test which people say to do on this forum. The highest DPC and Interrupts seem to be coming from Wdf01000.sys and dxgkrnl.sys. I'm not sure what to do now and how to fix this.
Here is the file:
I would appreciate help from someone as I have been trying to solve this issue for months and its stopping me from getting work done in my studio (which is my primary source of income).