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    Batch Script to Upload a File to Your Server via FTP


    The following batch script uploads a file to a client server via FTP.

    Open up a Notepad; copy/paste the following into it:

    @echo off
    :: Obtain today's date in format YYYYMMDD
    set x1=%date:~10,4%
    set x2=%date:~4,2%
    set x3=%date:~7,2%
    :: The CSV file is presumed to be in your Documents directory 
    set userdir=%userprofile%\documents
    :: Build CSV file path + filename
    set x=%userdir%\%x1%%x2%%x3%.csv
    :: Echo the FTP commands to a text file - done so that ENV variables carry through
    echo open  ftp.sysnative.com>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
    echo Server User Name>>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
    echo Server Password>>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
    echo binary>>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
    echo cd Enter server directory path - including "public_html" if Linux>>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
    echo put %x%>>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
    echo quit>>%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt
    :: FTP Execution Commands
    ftp -s:%windir%\system32\ftpcmdtemp.txt %x%
    Save it in \windows\system32; filename = FTPup.bat

    Change the items in RED to your personal info.

    To execute the newly saved FTPup.bat - enter the batch name into an ADMIN CMD prompt screen or go into Windows Explorer, RIGHT-click on FTPup.bat; select "Run as Administrator"

    This particular batch script was written for an OP at TSF Forums.

    For more information like the input file's name, please see my TSF post - batch script to upload csv to website mysql - Tech Support Forum

    Any questions, modifications or other assistance, please post in this thread and I will try my best to answer them.

    Regards. . .


    EDIT: Make sure the password has no special chars in it - batch thinks they are something else. Letters + numbers only.

    For example - if you have an ampersand (&) in the password, a batch script sees it and expects a new command to follow. Many of the symbols above the number keys have a special meaning in batch.
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