I operate Win10 on an i5 Dell Optiplex 990 with14 GB of RAM on 2 Screens.
My issue is with File explorer windows. Every so often, randomly, when I open a File Explorer window it well open in a reduced size and only on one screen, the left screen, I can Max it I can Min it but if I try to move to other screen it will immediately shrink back to a column 25-30mm wide about 100mm high and start strobing, like it is trying to find something, for between 20-60 seconds. When it stops the only option is to close the window. This will close all File Explorer windows open and shut down the Windows Explorer, the screen will go dark all my icons will blink off come back and I start again. I have tried rebooting and it will still be there. Then the issue will stop after anything from 2 - 7 days and not occur again for 3, 4 or more weeks then it will happen again for another random period?
I was using a Dell ATI 128mb small format Video card that is no longer supported by Win10 so upgraded to a Nvidia GeForce GT 710, this is office workstation that has no need for high performance VidCard, which has not corrected the issue, so I do not believe the issue is VCard related?
Thanks for any assistance.